Cleveland Cavaliers fan already got 2015 NBA Champs Tattoo

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Well, what do you guys think? Which team are YOU on?

22-year-old Lonynell Coleman obviously goes for Cleveland Cavaliers. "It's a guarantee. Meet me at the parade in June.", says Coleman of South Euclid, who got a tattoo that reads "2015 NBA Champs" with the Cleveland Cavaliers logo.

"I have trust. I have faith." adds Coleman. "It's a guaranteed win, probably even a sweep. I called it the last series & i'm calling it this series.", Coleman told

Coleman's tattoo artist asked him if he was sure he wanted to get the tattoo (because he had this done even before the game started) but Coleman insisted on it.

"I wouldn't have done it it I felt the Cavaliers were going to lose," says Reginald Evans II (Coleman's tattoo artist) "I have all faith and confidence in the Cavaliers."

Well.... we hope they're right.... Or NOT. Lol.

Which team are you on?! ;) 

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