"Fenty Glow": Designer Temporary Tattoos by Rihanna!

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We all know Rihanna is a big fan of tattoos, she has enough of them to make it clear. The singer however is not just a fan of permanent body art but is also partial to temporary tattoos, the great tattoo alternative for those not willing to mark their body for life. Rihanna's appreciation and love of temporary tattoos is so much so that she is now releasing her own line of them! Yep temporary tattoos designed by Rihanna are now a thing!!

Being that time of year where showing of awesome body art is a must Rihanna has released her designs in time for all those heading to the beach and looking to stand out. The temporary tattoos are the brainchild of Rihanna and jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche and come in two different sets, one in black and the other in gold, they also glow in the dark!! Each tattoo set includes a number of different designs from bracelets to chokers.

Rihanna has just taken temporary tattoos to new heights in fashion!
Rihanna has just taken temporary tattoos to new heights in fashion!

So for all you people who live for both Rihanna and tattoos be sure to go and check her temporary tattoos out! You can order as many as you please and take your temporary tattoo love to new levels of fashion here!


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