Marc Jacobs and His Tattoos That Are Just as Whacky as He Is

Marc Jacobs and His Tattoos That Are Just as Whacky as He Is

Fashion giant Marc Jacobs has a tattoo story that's all too familiar to the rest of us.
For one, he gets asked a lot with the typical "what will your tattoo look like when you're old". Marc's first tattoo is, by the way, a simple, red heart on his shoulder at sixteen. We're surprised he decided to lose the obligatory 'MOM' in a banner around the little thing. His body is a constellation of freaking awesome, shitty and downright quirky tattoos. Each has its own story to tell, which only paints a brighter shade to the flamboyant designer.
marc jacobs
tattooing in process
Interestingly, Marc is very close with his artist, Scott Campbell, who did most of Jacob's tattoos.

The Shitty
marc jacobs and tattoos
'Shitty' tattoos are very subjective, and we have many types of shitty tattoos, most of them don't really belong in the tastes of most tattoo enthusiasts. But I especially love the adorable kind of shitty tattoos which some of Marc Jacobs' tattoos are. They're the kind of tattoos which aren't too elaborate, and aren't one for serious minds. In simpler terms, these 'shitty' tattoos aren't all that shitty but aren't phenomenal either.
pitbull tattoo
Scott has these tattoos of his bull terriers, Alfred and Daisy, underneath his heart tattoo.

The Quirky
cartoon tattoo
Marc Jacobs wouldn't be the well-loved and controversial designer he is today if it weren't for the whimsical side of his. And that side of him also reflects with his choice of tattoos.
3D glasses and taylor
One of Marc's popular tattoos is the 3D-glasses-wearing Elizabeth Taylor as Martha in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, done by Scott Campbell.
the muscled man
“Being on South Park was the high point of my life so far,” shares Marc of his Muscle Man Marc tattoo.
spongebob squarepants
The Spongebob tattoo Jacobs has on his arm is an interesting conversation topic with him and his artist, Scott Campbell. It's a piece inspired by the man who painted Spongebob himself.
modelling the tattoos
Marc Jacobs has a couch tattoo. Yes, you read that right.
spongebob tattoo and green man
cartoon monster tattoo
Leave it to Marc Jacobs to get a French Porn Magazine tattooed on either of his arms.
matching tattoos
This seems like the type of tattoo college boys would get but to Marc, best friend and artist Scott Campbell, among other friends, it's a tattoo he got after a bad breakup and wanted to get something that reminds him the importance of his bruhs.

The Deep
mix of tattoos
Despite Marc's seemingly lighthearted persona, he has his own share of ink which means more to him than a silly cartoon.
wrist tattoo
The word 'perfect' on his wrist is what he'd speak off with, “I’m a perfect being in a perfect world where everything that happens benefits me completely.”
back tattoo
It's pretty obvious that Jacobs is a big movie buff and his Poltergeist tattoo only proves that further, but this famous scene of the supposed cursed movie means a lot more than his love for films. Stay away from the light.
chest fancy lettering
While the world 'shameless', like his 'perfect' tattoo, acts as some kind of personal mantra he lives by.

Marc has loads other tattoos, and we're sure he's very far from done. Very far.
model with tattoos
Gotta admit, the dude is quite hot.
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