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Veteran journalist and free lance writer Greg Barrett recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post talking about his tattoo and how it came to be. Not your usual tattoo article, Barrett's piece is a beautiful reminder of the ongoing relationship between a person and their tattoo, you can check out it here.

Barrett is renowned journalist and writer
Barrett is renowned journalist and writer

Barrett's story reminds us that even when your tattoo is finished the journey is not over. Walking out of the tattoo shop with your arm freshly inked and wrapped up your tattoo is still in its fledgling state, new to the world and not quite a part of you. In time your tattoo will be as one with you as your hands and feet, as if it has always been there. Barrett had originally planned on getting three Hawaiian words (pule 'ole ho'opau) tattooed on his forearm but upon encountering his prospective artist his plans soon changed. Informed of the aesthetic value of the forearm as a tattoo canvas Barrett instead settled for the classic black and grey praying hands, a symbol with similar meaning to the Hawaiian words he previously wanted.

Greg Barrett's classic praying hands!
Greg Barrett's classic praying hands!

"Like me, the tattoo remains a work in progress. One day soon I will return for Renzo to add pule 'ole ho'opau to it as well as the names of two people who look up to me as a role model - for better and for worse. My sons. That's a reminder I need to carry with me (and on me) daily" -Barrett talking about his tattoo.

Reading Barrett's article on the Huffington Post is a beautifully simple reminder of the fact that getting a tattoo is not merely a case of getting tattooed and all being said and done. Your tattoo and you are forever joined, you could look at it as your significant other, you'll care for it, protect it, love it and in return it will be with you always, an awesome reminder that you have kickass choice in body art.


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