Remember That Time Kanye West Almost Got A Face Tattoo?!?

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So, face tattoos; some people love them, some people hate them. A bit like Kanye West himself, but love or hate the guy you can't deny his role as off the wall celebrity we all enjoy reading about, and back in February Kanye almost stole all the headlines with a new face tattoo!! Sadly for Kanye his wife Kim was there to stop it!

Visiting tattoo artist Maxime Buchi at Sang Bleu in London, at 4:00 am of all times, Kanye had his heart set on a nice face tattoo to honor his mother and daughter but with a little persuasion from his wife the placement was changed.

Instead Kanye had the birth-dates of his late mother Donda and young daughter North tattooed on his wrists in Roman numerals. Kanye's new ink is in fairness a touching and personal tattoo, and arguably some of the better celebrity tattoos out there.

Obviously it would have been cool to see one of the worlds biggest names tattoo his face! face tattoos aren't all that bad and when done right look awesome, as long as you steer clear of the Mike Tyson look you're sure to be fine!

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