RYU - Dragon in Japanese

During the early days in Japan, firemen would adorn their jackets with the image of the Dragon. It is said that the Dragon brings rain, and protects from fire and harm.

Tattoo by: Mike Rubendall

Tattoo by: Jess Yen

Tattoo by: Jess Yen

A very sophisticated image, the Dragon is truly a modern classic in today's tattoo scene.

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Tattoo by: Horiyoshi III

Tattoo by: Myke Chambers

You can never go wrong with Dragon tattoos. It is both powerful and elegant.

Tattoo by: En Horizaru

Tattoo by: Horiei Shinshu

Whether it be for protection, luck, power, or for the sake of art, the Dragon is one timeless and majestic tattoo design that will captivate collectors for years to come.



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