Sons Of Anarchy Star Almost Got His Characters Tattoo!!

Sons Of Anarchy Star Almost Got His Characters Tattoo!!

Charlie Hunnam is widely known for his portrayal of Jax Teller on hit T.V show 'Sons of Anarchy┬┤.
And of course with the show about an outlaw motorcycle gang tattoos were a feature from the beginning, only Hunnam almost took his dedication to his characters tattoos to new levels.
The character of Jax has a prominent tattoo of a gravestone on his forearm, and it was this tattoo Hunnam considered getting:
"At the early part of the show, I actually thought maybe I would have it tattooed on me," he noted. "Thankfully my girlfriend convinced me that that would not be a good idea. I love the image of it and would happily have it on my arm, but it's just a pain in the ass getting tattoos covered for work."
Hunnam as Jax Teller, tattoos and all
Interestingly the memorial tattoo of Jax Teller was inspired by a real life biker Hunnam met, and whom already had a memorial tattoo of a fellow biker. In the case of Jax the tattoo is a memorial for his father;

"I wanted to have some kind of memorial to [his] father, John Teller, because in the show that character - although you never get to meet him - is a huge, important character on the show and a huge part of Jax's life and journey,"
You can see Hunnam talking about his characters ink below!