Suited & Booted: 10 Guys Who Show Tattoos And Suits Are A Must!

Suited & Booted: 10 Guys Who Show Tattoos And Suits Are A Must!

'Oh! You have a tattoo! Aren't you worried about not looking smart and professional?'
As it happens tattoos have the ability to look both awesome and smart, guys with tattoos have the ultimate accessory to go with their suited and booted look, tattoos and suits just go, simple as that! What looks better than a guy dressed to the nines with some awesome ink to go along with it. Yeah tattoos aren't the pinnacle of high society dress, but you put a shirt and tie with some tattoos and you have yourself a classy look that will impress even the biggest of tattoo critics!
So guys prepare to be inspired and girls be careful not to fall in love because here are ten guys who have nailed the suited and booted tattoo look!
David Beckham dressing to impress!
Fashion model Ricki Hall looking awesome as always!
Mr. Hall's beard is almost as impressive as his tattoos!
Tattoo artist Luke Wessman showing the perfection that is a shirt alongside tattoos!
Fashion model Jimmy Q rocking his sleeves and braces!
What's better Jimmy's tattoos or the suit??
Street style icon Nick Wooster
Nick Wooster showing tattoos get better with age!
Ami James, need we say more!
TV star Billy Leroy knows the benefits of suits and tattoos!
Billy Leroy looking as all men aim to!
Suited, booted and tattooed...Adam Levine has it all!
Model Billy Huxley rocking the suit and tattooed look!
Who said tattoos don't look smart?
Tom Hardy breaking hearts across the globe!
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