Tattoos That Tackle Balding!!

Scalp tattoos or Micro Scalp Pigmentation as it is also known works by tattooing small marks on the scalp.
For many men losing your hair is a real confidence crusher, obviously there is the choice to embrace hair loss and rock the bald look but for those not wanting to the only real options are wigs and hair transplants, that is until scalp tattoos entered the scene.
Scalp tattoos give the effect of a shaved head with each tattooed mark or dot acting to resemble a small hair follicle. Principally the scalp tattoo process tackles receding hairlines, bald patches and scarring on the head. Scalp tattoos roughly take between two-five hours depending on the scale of tattooing needed and cost any where between $2000-$5000, perhaps a little pricey but such a process can rejuvenate a person and restore their confidence. It's also not that bad when you consider a hair transplant costs two-three times as much!
Before scalp tattooing
After scalp tattooing
Scalp tattoos last around 10 years so the occasional touch up is necessary, and even after the process is complete and you decide it's not the right look one sitting of laser removal is all it will take to remove the tattoo. Obviously the process does not stop any hair growing so shaving your head will become part of your routine, though it will be worth it in the end!
Vinci Hair Clinic in London, who developed Micro Hair Pigmentation also claim the process is relatively pain free with the majority of clients reporting only minor stinging and irritation during the actual tattooing. So if you notice your hair beginning to thin or recede to be scared to look into scalp tattoos!!
Before and after scalp tattooing
Scalp tattoos are one more way in which tattooing is breaking from its contextual boundaries, tattoos are not just an art form but a tool to be used across multiple social platforms!