The 15 Trendiest Tattoos of 2015

The 15 Trendiest Tattoos of 2015

Tattoo trends. Some come and go, while others are here for good. We bring you the trendiest tattoos of 2015...
The 90's brought us Tribals, Tramp-stamps, Arm-bands and Kanji... but times, they have-a changed.
1. Arrows
Arrow tattoo, artist unknown.
Beautiful arrow tattoo, artist unknown.
Five arrows, detailed arrow tattoo, artist unknown.
2. The World Map (but just an outline, please.)
A popular one for the "Jetsetter" Traveler or "Back-packer"
The world map outline tattoo, artist unknown.
3. Compasses (the "stampy, imperfect-looking" kind)
Compass tattoo
If you're looking for the way, search no further...
4. Sprawling Script Lettering (the barely legible kind) 
Script lettering tattoo
Lettering tattoo, Lucy&Orla
The less readable, the better.
Lettering tattoo
5. Infinity Symbols (including words, birds, and feathers)
Infinity symbols and birds, dream tattoo, infinity tattoo design. Artist unknown.
Infinity tattoo, artist unknown.
strong like a feather... Stay strong infinity tattoo
Infinity tattoo
6. Feathers (and feathers-that-turn-into-birds)
Feathers tattoo
Birds and feather tattooo
7. Bird Silhouettes (typically found, though not limited to the wrist area)
Bird Silhouettes tattoo
For the "free bird" in her...
Bird Silhouettes tattoo
8. Roman Numerals
Roman Numerals tattoo
Roman Numerals tattoo
Matching Roman Numerals tattoo
9. This Mandala 
Mandala design
Mandala tattoo
Mandala tattoo
Beautiful mandala tattoo
Mandala tattoo, artist unknown.
Mandala tattoo, artist unknown.
10. Dreamcatchers
Dreamcatchers tattoo
Dreamcatchers tattoo
11. Skylines
Skyline tattoo
Skyline tattoo
12. Skylines into Heartbeats...
Skyline into heartbeats tattoo
Skyline into heartbeats tattoo
13. Heartbeats (ECG)
Heartbeat tattoo
Heartbeat tattoo trend in 2015
Matching heartbeat tattoos
Heartbeat tattoo
 14. Anchors
Anchors tattoo
15. Finger Tattoos
Infinity finger tattoo
Awesome finger tattoo
Tiger finger tattoo
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