The 7 Deadly Sins Of Tattoos

The 7 Deadly Sins Of Tattoos

The time has come when you decide to get a tattoo, but you must first ensure you are not committing any of the seven deadly sins of tattoos!
Now we all know the traditional deadly sins; wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony, and yes these are all attributes that can lead to the decay of any moral person. The seven deadly sins of tattooing thereafter can likewise lead to the decay of your new tattoo and any hope of you fitting in with all the other cool tattooed people! So aquatint yourselves with these seven sins and you'll be all set to go and mix with best type of people...people with tattoos, because, well...we rock!!
1. Rushing
Think carefully!!
A fundamental must for any person getting a tattoo is to not rush into getting it. It is perfectly acceptable to have a wave of inspiration wash over you and fall in love with what you deem to be your perfect tattoo. BUT, give it time and your great idea may not be as great as you previously thought... only it is now to late and that tribal design on your lower back is already there!! When you decide a tattoo is for you avoid jumping at your first idea, though if that is what you want spend a week or two thinking about it and talk with a tattoo artist! They know what they're doing so you are in safe hands.

2. Uncertainty 
Always have an idea of what you want!
You don't walk into a hairdressers without some vague idea of what you want. A tattoo is no different! If you don't have an idea of what you want then maybe you shouldn't really be getting one, yes your tattoo artist is there help and offer inspiration and insight but you can't put it all on them. Tattooing is about cooperation, it doesn't all come from onside, if you walk into a tattoo shop without any clue of what your wanting to get you cannot expect to suddenly be told what tattoo is perfect for you. Yes tattoos are art but they become part of you and have to fit with who you are! When a face tattoo is great for one person it may not be so great for you.

3. Tattoo-Gun
Deadly Sins Of Tattoos
Yes your artist is using a machine to drive a needle into your skin at high speed, but they are not shooting you!!! Tattoo artists do not use guns they use TATTOO MACHINES!! Calling a tattoo machine a tattoo gun is one certain way to be laughed at, perhaps it's just a rookie mistake but make sure it happens only once. Any self respecting artist would most likely look at you with their eyes glazed over and a look of WTF, when greeted with the term gun. Yes some artists may themselves call it a gun but as a general rule stick to machine and you'll be fine, it's a lot less awkward and comes with a lower possibility of being chased out of the shop!

4. Tat
'Nice Tat!!'... No...Just No...
Like number 3 deadly sin number 4 of tattoos comes from the language used in the tattooing world and is referring to tattoos as tats. Sure it's just a shortened version of tattoo but totally unnecessary! Tattoo artists give you tattoos and not tats, they are not tat artists! Quick tip to not piss of your artist... stick to calling tattoos, tattoos! The art form uses the word tattoo for a reason. It comes from the Polynesian word tatau and honors the ancient and global roots of modern tattooing. So next time the urge to use the word tat surfaces in your mouth, swallow it, take that word and make sure it doesn't show its face again!

5. Sunbathing
Little sunscreen perhaps...
We all know sunbathing can be relaxing and a nice break from basically any other part of your life, but we likewise know it is bad for us and aside from giving us a tan damages our skin... so why would it be any better with a tattoo? Well, it's not, it's worse. Sun exposure is arguably the greatest threat to a tattoo. Leaving your tattoo to sit and roast in the sun is only going to achieve one thing. your great piece of body art is going to fade, lose colour, shape and intensity. If you get a tattoo and plan on leaving it in the sun you're better off not getting a tattoo at all. Of course just because you have tattoos doesn't mean you can't enjoy the sun, it merely means you have to be that little bit more careful. Cover your tattoo in high factor sunscreen, keep it in the shade where possible and try to avoid long exposure in the sun. You got the tattoo to look good, best try and keep it that way!

6. Ego
Deadly Sins Of Tattoos
Lets be honest, we all have that one friend, associate, person we know but pretend not to, who has a little tattoo and thinks they look like part of the Yakuza. Thankfully the majority of tattooed people are some of the most down to earth and awesome people around, but then there's that small few who think because they have tattoo they are instantly the toughest person on earth. Having a tattoo does not make you better, stronger, or tougher than anyone else, so getting a new ego to go with your new tattoo is a big mistake. You are not the only person to have survived sitting in a the tattoo chair and truthfully there will always be people with more tattoos than you, and they're probably much less of a douche.

7. Names
Don't make the mistake!
The last and most dangerous deadly sin of tattoos is the cursed name tattoo. Granted, name tattoos are by no means a bad tattoo, I have four, but unless they are the name of your mother, father, wife, husband or any other long term friend it is best to avoid them. We are all young and wild at one time in our lives and fall in love as frequently as we change our clothes. But getting the name of your new love tattooed on you is something your best to avoid. In that moment you feel like your love is unbreakable, though in truth you've been together two weeks and a tattoo is really not a good idea. Let's face the facts, do you really want to have to explain to a future partner why someone else's name is scrawled across you chest. Even Romeo and Juliet would have avoided getting each other's names tattooed... it is really just tempting fate... but then again it wouldn't have really mattered for Romeo and his love!

Still worried about looking like a newbie when getting tattooed...Well then, here's a few tips from awesome tattoo artist Megan Massacre so you "don't look like a newbie".
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