These Dizzying Trippy Tattoos Will Make Your Head Spin

WARNING: this article with trippy tattoos can cause dizziness painful eyes, nausea and brain explosion!
But, at least, watching these trippy tattoos is safer for your health than a LSD trip, without the drugs but with about the same sensations. If you are bold and strong enough, you could enjoy the madness of these portraits and animal tattoos. They are inspired by surrealistic and psychedelic art but also horror movies and legends with spooky ghosts and nerve-wracking demonic possessions. Their brain-teaser effect is the result of many witty tricks and twists, including optical illusions, double exposure and a multiplication of eyes and faces. Portraits and animals with several pairs of eyes are illustrating the concept of double vision, an esoteric theme but also a medical condition! Let's hope you won't experience it too much after ready this article! Trippy tattoos are the rage now, thanks to the huge talent of tattoo artists such as Pietro Sedda, Sean Herman and A.D. Pancho (and many others). They are paying a tribute to surrealism art, and especially to painter Salvador Dali. They could challenge your brain: some are just surprising and odd, but some can really start headaches, so, be careful! Are you ready? Okay, put some eye drops on, empty your mind and call the doctor if you feel unwell. These trippy tattoos are coming for your brain!