These Tattoo Artist Weddings Will Make You Want to Get Hitched!

It's the month of June, people! Also known as the Wedding Month.
Blame it on the goddess Juno for the amorous reputation and all the couples who followed the suit. If you're in a relationship right now, you might want to sit down for this and contain yourself. It contains explicitly adorable couples, mad tattoos and amazing stories. Not to mention everything else in between! (Gorgeous dresses, for example.)
And as if getting married to someone who loves ink just as much they you do isn't enough, they get married to tattoo artists! We've all heard of doctor couples, lawyer couples, scuba diver couples and even stoner couples. But we think tattoo artist couples will just as much kick ass as the rest. What could be better than a lifelong of appreciation, competition and shared passions.
All of these glorious just-married couples can be found in RockNRoll Bride. They have a long list of alternative weddings to get inspired from. If you are a fan of tattoos and you can definitely hear those wedding bells, go on and visit their website! Tons of stuff to get inspiration from.

Let's get right ahead and meet the couples.
Vicky and Lee
The tattoo artist pair chose certain things and places close to their heart to make for one unforgettable wedding. Read the whole story here.
Kathryn and Christopher
The classic tattoo artist-client love story.

Erin and Ryan
These two have quite an interesting story to tell about their wedding.
Aimee and Ben
Amazing things RockNRoll Bride made possible.
Jennifer and Dave
And if you think you're not one for some nice, tattooed, fun-loving belles, then go find your own punk rock bride now!

Brittney and Chris
Started from dreaming about princes now you're married to a tattoo artist.
Lori and Jason
Check out this wedding in a vintage trail park in Arizona!

Kate and Seb
Be the Sid to her Nancy. Don't forget to check out RockNRoll Brides for all things tattoos and weddings. Hoping to see you in their feed soon!

A shout out to Kat of RockNRoll Bride!