This Artist Does Awesome Stuff with an X-Acto Knife

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From Britain With Love
From Britain With Love

Let's lay off the body mods talk for now, and check out other art forms that are currently shaking the web. Meet Suzy Taylor and her gifted hands. Suzy is a papercutting artist from Watford, England. She operates under the name Folk Art Papercuts.

Suzy may seem like your typical laid-back mom who likes hanging out with her kids and taking them to some cool new place over the weekends but typical she's not. Seeing her works, I expected another kind of typical—a part of the young hipster-ish artists crowd who happens to make some really cool stuff. I got that making cool stuff part right, as Suzy can do some pretty amazing things with her hands armed with a single X-Acto craft knife.

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Suzy Taylor seems very nice and approachable, making me wish I lived in the same neighbourhood as her. Not only does she talk about papercutting in her blog but she also posts tutorials on how she does it.

It's nice to see an artist who does other things with paper aside from using the usual ink or graphite pencil. What got people's attention is Suzy's intricately detailed papercutting out of, mostly, a single paper. This type of art belongs in the category of crafts and I know what you're thinking, crafts bring back horrible memories from elementary, but Suzy's craft is anything but made of horrible memories.

Papercutting looks easy but I'm sure it's really not. Like any other art form, it takes a lot of patience and mastery to really nail it. For instance, I owned an X-Acto knife once and the best I got out of it is not hurt myself. It also takes a lot of time so it's definitely not for the hot-headed creative bunch. It's not like there's an undo button on the knife somewhere. (This is why I am a hardcore traditional art fan.)

She does a lot of papercut pieces with floral motifs.

The silhouette effect of her papercut works is stunning.

Her papercut trees are gorgeous.

If only you got Valentine's card like these back then...

It says on their page that Folk Art Papercuts has been around since 2007, so it's safe to assume that she's been creating this beautiful papercut artworks (professionally) for about eight years!

You can purchase her works here.

By the way, mates, if you plan on having her art tattooed on you, please contact her.



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