What's the Story Behind Your Tattoo?


Tattoo with a story
Tattoo with a story
Tattoo with a story
It's one of those memorial tattoos that are bound to bring a tug in somebody's heart. Memorial tattoos are very common because it's an intimate way to honour someone dear to you whom you've lost.
To turn things around, there's nothing wrong with a little laugh from your tattoos. Not all stories behind tattoos are required to be so deep that you can see Adele rolling. These are the stories you take with you through old age; point at your tattoos and tell anyone who will listen about how you got your ex's name covered up. There's more here on Thought Catalog!
Tattoo with a story
Last year, Isaac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton released a book titled 'Pen & Ink', illustrating people's stories behind their tattoos. The storytellers include Lena Dunham and Lori Petty.
Pen & Ink by Fitzgerald and MacNaughten
Now, take a seat and share with us yours. Show us a picture. Tell us who did it and where, if you remember. What makes it special? Things like that. We'd love to hear your stories.

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