When Should You Get A Tattoo? ...Here Are 4 Good Indicators

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Life is full of tough choices, tattoos are one of those.

Deciding to get a tattoo is something you should not take lightly, after all it will be there for the rest of your life. But when is the right time for you to get a tattoo? …Honestly, there is no right time to get a tattoo it all depends on you, although there are a few indicators that will let you know when you’re ready.

When You’ve Been Wanting One for a While

dreaming of tattoos
dreaming of tattoos


Find your next tattoo

    The biggest indicator that you’re ready to get a tattoo is when you think about it night and day. You go to sleep with thoughts of getting an awesome tattoo swirling around your head and wake up with images of the tattoo you want on your mind. After a week or two of this it is clear what you want. You want a tattoo!!

    When You’re Old Enough

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    As a standard tattoos are usually illegal for those under the age of 18, but it can vary depending where you live and the laws in that area, so you’re always best to check. Of course for those over 18 you’re good to go!

    When You Haven’t Had Second Thoughts or Doubts!

    still uncertain? do the test..
    still uncertain? do the test..

    It’s understandable to be a little nervous or apprehensive if you’re going to get your first tattoo. However, if your nerves are more than a minor thing then you may want to wait a little longer before going through with getting a tattoo. Second thoughts or reoccurring doubts are an indicator that something isn’t right, perhaps you’re not comfortable with the chosen design. If doubts persist go talk to your artist or just wait a month or two more, you don’t want to do something you’re going to regret.

    When You Spend Hours Browsing Tattoodo

    tattoodo forever
    tattoodo forever

    When your life is spent flicking through post after post on Tattoodo maybe it’s a sign that a tattoo is something you want! Tattoodo is great place for finding inspiration for your tattoo, so take the time to browse and see what you find.

    …Don’t forget Tattoodo can also help you get the design you want, designed specifically for you! All you have to do is click here!!!


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