Awesome Tattoo Ideas For Parents

Awesome Tattoo Ideas For Parents

A parent's love is forever, and what better way to show that adoration than with one of these tattoo ideas for parents.

When you welcome a child into the world it will be the most precious moment of your life, and probably the most terrifying, as from that minute on you will enter the world of parenthood and take on all the responsibilities that it comes with. Your child will depend on you, challenge you and love you, and you will do the same back. One way to show your undying affection and dedication to your child is to get one of these awesome tattoos for parents.

Some people say tattoos are meant to have meaning or that they are better with a reason, what could be more meaningful and better than celebrating the love you have for your child? There is however the daunting task of choosing the right tattoo to represent your child, it's not something you want to rush.


The name you give your child will forever be in your heart. So why not get it tattooed as well?

A parent pays homage to their child, Gabriel. #parents #parenttattoo #lettering #gabriel
Parent lettering tattoo Olivia #parents #parenttattoo #lettering #olivia

A fun riff on the name tattoo is to who the name spelled out by building blocks, a universal sign for the innocence of childhood. 

Building Block parent tattoo #parents #parenttattoo #letters #buildingblocks
Building block parent tattoo #parents #parenttattoo #lettering

Birth Coordinates 

If you are looking for a tiny little tattoo that will mean the world to you, but also mystify everyone who sees it, why not opt for your child's birth coordinates? It will forever remind you of where the monumental moment too place, and it looks pretty rad as well. 

Birth Coordinates parent tattoo #parents #parenttattoo #lettering #birthcoordinates
Angelina Jolie Birth Coordinates tattoo #parents #parenttattoo #lettering #AngelinaJolie

Your Child's Handwriting

This is perhaps the one tattoo where wobbly lines and shaky lettering are essential. Child's hand writing is meant to be imperfect and innocent, and it looks great permanently etched onto skin.

Child handwriting parent tattoo #parents #parenttattoo #lettering #handwriting

A Child's Drawing

The imagination of a child knows no ends, so why not embrace it and have them design your tattoo! It will definitely be one of a kind and super meaningful. You may even send your child on the path to becoming a tattoo artist by encouraging them to draw up your art. 

Child created parent tattoo design #parents #parenttattoo #lettering #childdrawing #drawing

Something that Symbolizes your Bond

With your child you are a family, so celebrate the bond and get a tattoo to symbolize it... it doesn't even have to be a human family portrait! Let your creative juices flow and get thinking of how you'll make your family portrait your own.

Elephant family tattoo by Dr Woo #drwoo #elephants #animals #familytattoo #parenttattoo

Child Portrait 

Your child will not be small and adorable forever, they will soon grow into a scowling teenager, so you best act quick and get a portrait while they're still cute!

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Child portrait tattoo by Mike Devries #mikedevries #childportrait #portrait #color
Child portrait by Ross Dickson #blackandgray #childportrait #child #rossdickson


Every fingerprint is different. Take your child's uniqueness and show it off on your body. Fingerprint tattoos look awesome and will always impress others

Hand and Footprints parent tattoo #footprint #heart #family #parenttattoo

A staple of any childhood is painting your hands and feet and pressing them onto paper, a hand and foot print tattoo is no different. Just take your child's print painting into a tattoo shop and tell them you want it on your body.

Hand and Foot prints parent tattoo #parents #parenttattoo #handprint #footprint


If you are looking for an elegant and simple tattoo for your child, heartbeats are a safe bet. Symbolic, delicate and beautiful!

Heartbeats lettering parent tattoo #parents #parenttattoo #lettering #love
Heartbeats lettering parent tattoo #parents #parenttattoo #lettering #hearbeat

There are just a few great ideas for a tattoo honoring the love of your life, your child. 

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