10 Beautiful & Uncanny Bearded Lady Tattoos (Last one can be shaved!)

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We were inspired by the story of real life bearded lady Harnaam Kaur in our previous article (click here to check her out)  and we appreciate this rare kind of beauty. The rarity of it makes a beautiful tattoo subject. And so we gathered these 10 beautiful & uncanny Bearded Lady tattoos. The last one is clever and can be shaved and regrown! LOL! Enjoy! ;-)

The Bearded Lady is a sophisticated subject. Tattoo by Sarah Schor


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    Uncannily beautiful, she is one of the perfectly imperfect manifestations of the Universe's endless possibilities. Tattoo by Miss Arianna (Italy)

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    She's got something more.

    And she's magically interesting, in her own way. Tattoo done by Myke Chambers

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, yes, but the most beautiful of all is to love one's self, whoever you were born to be.

    Tattoo done by Annie, Blue Flame Tattoo (Raleigh, NC)

    Tattoo by Justin Hartman

    Tattoo done at Power Tattoo Company

    Told you this one can be grown or shaved! Haha!

    We hope you enjoyed this blog.

    Face the world without fear, strong lady, and let not the physical looks get in the way. It don't matter! Soul matters. Let these bearded ladies be your constant reminder. Have a nice day!



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