10 Cool & Trippy Halftone Tattoos

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Isn't it amazing how dots can be used and manipulated to create a bigger, more awesome image? We've all seen dotwork tattoos in the previous blogs, and we've seen it trending... But there's another kind of dotwork that's just as amazing: Halftone pattern tattoos. It's trippy and illusory, because when you look closely all you see are dots... And when you step back an awesome image appears! Let's check out and learn about halftone dots with these 10 cool & trippy halftone tattoos. Enjoy! :-)

The Halftone is a graphic technique that simulates continuous tone imagery through the use of dots varying in sizes and spacing. Thus, generating a gradient-like effect.

The halftone image is printed with one color of ink in dots of various sizes and spacing thus generating an optical illusion where the tiny halftone dots are blended into smooth tones by the human eye. Isn't it awesome how these dots created a portrait of David Bowie?! Tattooed by Aaron Campbell.

Here's a dotwork tattoo that almost uses the same principle. The difference is that the dots don't come in different sizes... But the spacings create some kind of a gradient.

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LEFT: halftone dots zoomed in. RIGHT: how the human eye sees this arrangement from a distance.

Check out this unusual halftone rendition of Mama Mary by Jeff Palumbo (Germany)

Oh Lord Jesus! Done at Trinity Tattoo.

Mysterious portraits on butt cheeks! LOL who could these be?

Trippin' out on this one. @_@ Tattoo done at Eternity Ink.
Trippin' out on this one. @_@ Tattoo done at Eternity Ink.

Just like from a comic book! Tattoo done at Needles Side Tattoo (France)

Also works as a uniquely cool arm band tattoo!

Or an extra element to background some tattoo subjects, usually incorporated in Trash polka tattoo styles. Tattoo done by Obi.

Ain't DOT awesome?! LOL. So what do you guys think? Are you diggin' it? Share your views and tattoos. Have a nice day! ;-)



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