10 Cool & Fun Under The Feet Tattoos

10 Cool & Fun Under The Feet Tattoos

Take a walk on the Random, wide, and colorful world of tattooing and check out the people who actually treaded that place.
Beautiful tattoo idea for such placement.
Does it hurt? Fuck YES! A lot of nerve endings are found at the feet, and these nerves are connected to various organs of the body. So expect a mixture of ticklish and stinging sensations. Sometimes, you'll feel it in your organs. That's normal, but be careful. Make sure to find a Tattoo professional to perform this application with extra care.
Super Mario tattoo
What to expect: Walking would be a bit difficult for some time, so walk with care and allow the tattoo to heal completely, untouched. Expect some of the ink to fade (this depends on your skin type), because the skin under the feet is totally different from that on your body. It regenerates differently, and depending on your aftercare and tattoo application, it may hold up or fall off. :-)
Ladybug tattoo
"I've got the whole world under my feet."
World map tattoo
Made in England tattoo
For feet as quick as Sonic!
Sonic tattoo
Love this design!!!!
Simple skull tattoo
Cool idea, but the composition of the Koi could've been better.
Under the feet tattoo
Andy's favorite toy is human.
Ack!!!! >_<

Take a walk on the bright side. Have a nice day, everyone!
Name tattoo under the foot
Under the feet tattoo
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