10 Cool Volkswagen Kombi Tattoos For Your Inner Hippie

10 Cool Volkswagen Kombi Tattoos For Your Inner Hippie

If you are a fan of mythic cars, you certainly know the Volkswagen Type 2, also called the Kombi, and in popular culture, the Hippie van!
Indeed, this German panel van was a symbol of the sixties, used by hippies and surfers to travel around the world. They were often customized by their owners with peace and love designs, as well as very creative and joyful colors and adornements. VW Kombi tattoos are keeping the hippie vibe alive, with designs full of humor, tender and nostalgic...
People who love vintage cars, freedom and travelling are not ashamed to sport their cool Hippie van tattoos! And you, are you? Show us your car collector and hippie tattoos!
Au naturel by Alexandr Kargapolov. volkswagen kombi tattoos
Peace and love by Amy Kinsell.
Ready to explore by Ingo Reinshagen.
Funky by Jimmy Lajnen.
Impressive tattoo by Jorge Becerra!
Awesome surfer piece by Julia Dumps!
Cool tattoo by Michael Taguet.
Creative one by Mikki Bold.
Road tripping by Nicholas Koster.
Old school class by Peppermint Jones.
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