10 Curious, Haunting & Beautiful Faceless Tattoos

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Add some twist & mystery to portrait tattoos by ditching the face and replacing it with something creepy & cool that'll make people go WTF! The possibilities are endless within the imaginative minds of insane tattooers featured here. O_O Fucking rad! m/

Pietro Sedda of Saint Mariner Tattoo Parlour (Milan), one of the best surrealist tattoo artists, are widely known for his faceless portraits and other kinds of odd & beautiful tattoos.

Tattoos don't always have to look a certain way. Sometimes, odd is rad! Tattoo by Pietro Sedda

It's faceless, but it has Soul. Ya know what i'm sayin'?! (Tattoo done at Wa Ink Tattoo)

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Jeepers!!! :-O (Tattoo by Nick Chaboya, 7th Son Tattoo)

Tattoo by Daryl Rodriguez

I'm 100% sober, yet these tattoos are making me trip! Tattoo by My good friend Jan Fresco, Good Hand Tattoo

Yes sir, you are strange! o.O

Embrace the Oddity, Appreciate uniqueness. Have a strange & beautiful day everyone!



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