10 Incredible Sign Language Tattoos

10 Incredible Sign Language Tattoos

Sign language tattoos are incredible and here are ten of the best to demonstrate why!!
Sign languages are an essential part of countless peoples lives, for those hard of hearing, unable to speak or have no hearing at all sign language is their day to day language. There are an estimated 137 different sign languages used across the globe today!! It is a common misconception that there is one universal sign language but in truth different nations, communities and peoples have their own unique form of sign language!
Tattooing and sign language are two things one would not immediately put together, if people want a word or phrase tattooed then they will commonly go for some fancy lettering or font, but what about if you were to get it in sign language? Sign language tattoos are by no means a common choice but there is something about them that looks awesome! Perhaps it is because they catch the eye more than lettering would, or perhaps it is because they look different to any other tattoo out there!
Beautiful back tattoo, artist unknown
Behind ear, artist unknown
Black and grey, artist unknown
By Boogaloo Tattoo
"FAMILIE” the work of Lea at Howys Tattoo Shop
Fingers crossed, artist unknown
'I love you' by Deanna Wardin
'I really love you', artist unknown
Sign language tattoos
'Stay True', artist unknown
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