10 Stylish Boardwalk Empire Tattoos

Boardwalk Empire brought us the glamour of the 1920s but also the underworld dealings of the 20th century's notorious criminals.
And it certainly left a gap in many lives when it came to a dramatic conclusion a few months ago. Following the rise of Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson in prohibition era America as a bootlegging kingpin and all round gangster badass Boardwalk Empire had it all; style, crime, life, death and amazing characters- both real and fictional.
TV shows are built on the success of their characters and this is most certainly the case with Boardwalk Empire, the show brought us some of the most unique, magnificent and terrifying characters in all of TV and for some fans it was not enough to simply watch them. To honor the greatest of Boardwalk's characters some dedicated fans showed their love and appreciation in ink, so for all you Boardwalk fanatics here are 10 stylish Boardwalk Empire tattoos!