12 Sweet & Beautiful Vanity Tattoos

12 Sweet & Beautiful Vanity Tattoos

Because it's fun being a woman! A selection of awesome vanity tattoos to inspire you today!
vanity tattoo By Antony Flemming
"Beauty is Eternity gazing at itself in the mirror. But You are Eternity and You are the Mirror." ~Khalil Gibran (Tattoo by Antony Flemming)
Take care of yourself, woman! From head to toe nails!
Beautiful, even without need for make-up.
You are beautiful, mirror tattoo, vanity tattoo
This really looks like it smells good! Awesome realistic perfume bottle by Johnny Smith.
Shoes tattoo, vanity tattoo
Make-up brushes tattoo
Blow dryer? Hair spray? Tattoo by Stef Neale, Distinktive Tattoos, Toronto.
A comb, definitely! Tattoo by 109
Pearls tattoo
and Diamonds, a woman's best friend.
Perfume to captivate the man... Tattoo by Mike Petroskie.
Awesome tattooed girl
Remember ladies, above all, BEAUTY IS CONFIDENCE. Believe in yourself, and enjoy the Divine feminine that is You! ;) Have a nice day!
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