15 Clean Cut Tattoos For Any Barber Enthusiast

15 Clean Cut Tattoos For Any Barber Enthusiast

Barber as a word derives from the Latin barba, meaning beard.
Historically all hairdressers were called barbers but today the term largely applies to a person who specializes in the cutting, shaping and styling of male hair. As a profession a barber is in fact much more than simply cutting hair and trimming beards. Barber shops were and still are places of social interaction and pubic discourse, they were also used as impromptu meeting places acting as a place for open debates, public speaking and important social meetings. Barber shops have further been identified as influential in shaping the male identity!
At times being a barber went above and beyond your usual short back and sides, they also doubled as surgeons and dentists. Barber surgeons were used for centuries as any hospital or doctor would be today, if you had an infected limb and needed an amputation a barber surgeon was a common option. Thankfully medicine moved on and we now don't have to worry about watching a surgical operation while getting a shave!!
by Andre Cheko
Barbers themselves are a proud professional like any other, much like a tattoo artist their work is on another person and the client a walking advertisement. It is common practice for a barber to celebrate their profession with a barber tattoo, and for your enjoyment and inspiration here are clean cut tattoos for any barber enthusiast!
Scissor Tattoo by Twisted Anchor Tattoo
Barber tattoo, unknown artist
Barber Razor, artist unknown
Comb and Scissor Tattoo by Xoïl
by Chris Hold
Flower Old School Scissor Tattoo by Pain and Wonder
Golden Iron Tattoo Studio created this awesome piece
Great neck tattoo by Modern Body Art
New School Scissor Tattoo by Soma Tiger Tattoo
Old School Barber Tattoo by La Dolores Tattoo
Schorem Barber Shop - Rotterdam by Tim Collins Photography
Scissor and Razor, artist unknown
Awesome barber tattoo
Awesome tattoo by Roman Abrego
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