15 Cool Spray Can Tattoos For Street Artists

15 Cool Spray Can Tattoos For Street Artists

Artists want the most creative tattoos possible. They also want to show their dedication to the tools which allow them to create that art.
So, indeed, they get tattoos of their tools. Street artists are not an exception. If they enjoy inking their signature or getting graffiti tattoos, they also want to pay a tribute to their weapon of choice, spray paint cans. The smell of paint in the night, the jingling of the metal marbles, the different caps as are important for them as the adrenaline of finishing their piece on the wall or the train before being caught by the police. Spray can tattoos can symbolize this passion for the night's life, or Carpe Noctem, as graffiti writers like to say. If you too like to shake the can to produce illegal (or legal) street art, then, you could want to get spray can tattoos. They are often inspired by graffiti itself, with new school and trash polka styles, recreating the painting effects and the aesthetic of the streets. Are you ready to make some art?
By Dufers Uno. spray can tattoos
By Greg Dorman.
Fun monkey doing graffiti by Kofi Olive...
By Matt Peacock.
By Michalis Kirtatas.
Trippy piece by Mike Gibson.
By Nick Glavan.
Hilarious pieces by Pablo Gandasegui!
Badass sleeve by Stefano Phen.
Cool backpiece by Steve Ink.
Impressive tattoo by Szabolcs Oravecz...
Epic sleeve by Tomasz Tofi Torfinski!
Trash style Carpe Noctem leg piece by Vanderrfuss.
Cartoonish new school fun by Vickan Tattoo.
Just the cap, by Vilela.
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