15 Elegant Swan Tattoos

15 Elegant Swan Tattoos

If you like fancy bird tattoos, then swan tattoos are for you. In culture, swans are associated with ballet dancers.
This elegant animal with its long neck and beautiful wings is really coveted for romantic and precious designs. White swans are the most popular. They are the epitome of purity and love, as swan couples are faithful and sometimes forming a heart shape with their necks. Black swan are also very gorgeous and mysterious. Swan Lake is a world famous ballet by composer Tchaikovsky, which is used in iconic movie Black Swan. But the white bird is also connected with ancient mythologies.
A sacred animal in Hinduism, it is more erotic in Ancien Greece: gods enjoyed changing into swans to seduce ladies and in classic art, the neck and head of the animal are often looking like ... a penis! In tattoo art, swan tattoos are very coveted in neo traditional style, where the S shape of the neck is creating very elegant pieces, often involving gorgeous flowers and jewels. If you are an admirer of this peaceful and romantic animal, then you could find inspiration with these elegant swan tattoos...
Gorgeous neo traditional piece by Alix Gé.
Badass work in progress by Andrea Roberts...
Lovely mirror by Antony Flemming.
Fantastic half sleeve by Brando Chiesa...
Pretty graphic swan by Carola Deutsch.
Adorable swan love by Chen Jie...
Great black swan by Eilo Martin!
Epic half sleeve by master Gakkin!
Great realistic scene by Greta Pisotti.
Cool swan neck by Hakan Havermark!
Nice piece by Marla Moon.
Precious tattoo by Miss Juliet.
Gorgeous dancer tattoo by Ravi Lassi!
By Tamar Thorn.
Impressive black swan by Yogi Barrett!
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