15 Funky Skateboarding Tattoos

15 Funky Skateboarding Tattoos

Skateboarding tattoos are thus really eye-catching and laid-back, and sometimes even quite crazy!
Skateboarding is not a crime: it is a lifestyle. Some would also add it is a sport and even an art. But for skaters, it is mainly a passion, and very soon, they have started celebrating it with tattoos. Skaters have really contributed to the development of tattoo art, first by tattooing skate related logos and punk rock bands symbols on their bodies.
The communities of skateboarding and tattooing are really close, and some tattoo artists not only practice skateboarding, but also create customized tattooed skateboards and skate accessories. Nonconformists and with a high sense of humor, skaters enjoy getting funky ink related to their board or the skate life. If you too are a "skate or die" type of guy or gal, then you will have a blast with these cool skateboarding tattoos...
Cool Bart Simpson by Tom Haubrick! skateboarding tattoos
Ride or die by Tim Rix.
Great negative space skater's silhouette! By Tat2 Steve.
Fun tattoo by Spendlo.
Impressive skateboarding scene by Sergey Parshin...
Skater geisha by Sailing Willy.
Trad is rad by Nick Sarich.
First Love by Mark Willis.
Tattooed pin-up skater by Marcello Siragusa.
Memory by Justin Hendrick.
Under your skin by Josh Massacre.
Fun one by Jarryd Tricklebank!
Interesting piece by Hongdam.
Badass piece by Eddie Bonacore!
Sexy skater by Andrea B...
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