15 Ideas For Adorable Matching Couple Tattoos

15 Ideas For Adorable Matching Couple Tattoos

If you are into tattoo and a romantic mood, you could have already considered getting matching couple tattoos.
Being tattooed at the same time, is a great way to celebrate many years spent together and the promise of more. If your tattoos are telling the story of your life, it is natural to include the person that share this life and which, without her, would be less fantastic. Many symbols are coveted for couple tattoos, including classics such as infinity signs, crowns as well as key and lock. But you can also get the same tattoo of a passion you share, or complementary tattoos, as complementary as you are. You can even get connecting tattoos, with a design only complete when your bodies are touching, because you're part of the same soul. If this special someone is your kindred soul, your best friend, your lover, your partner in crime and your family, then matching couple tattoos can be a great symbol of commitment and love. But be sure you've found the right person before doing this bold decision! If you are contemplating getting a permanent testimony of your love and looking for inspiration, take a look at these sweet ideas for couple tattoos...
The queen and the king by Tavci.
Two Nature lovers by Sol.
Two lines of their favorite song, Then of Brad Paisley. Photo Shayla Velasquez.
A twist to the infinite symbol with a tentacle and a fox tail by Sasha Unisex.
That's a badass and gorgeous couple tattoo by Piotr Szot!
Night and day by Noksi.
Thelma and Louise's fans by Matt Adamson.
Both the heads in the stars by Lukasz at Kult Tattoo Fest.
Matching tattoos are a promise made to each other. By Hannah Louise Clark.
Lovebirds by Graffittoo.
Gorgeous pieces by Bang Bang...
Love arrow by Balazs Bercsenyi.
Book lovers get complementary Edgar Allan Poe tattoos, by Amy Nicholls!
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