15 London And Big Ben Tattoos For Your British Side

15 London And Big Ben Tattoos For Your British Side

Trivia: do you know that Big Ben, in fact, is called Elizabeth tower? Yes, Big Ben is only the great bell inside of the clock tower.
In Victorian era, this landmark was also called St Stephen's tower. But around the world, Big Ben is a symbol of London, in the same way the Liberty Statue and the Eiffel Tower are symbols of New York and Paris. Proud British people can get London-themed tattoos, as well as travellers. Big Ben, as well as Tower Bridge, the Thames and other iconic elements such as the underground and red phone booths, are making great background for mysterious tattoos. The shadows of Sherlock Holmes and Jack The Ripper are never far... But it is also the place of one of the most prestigious tattoo convention of the world: The London Tattoo Convention! So if you want tattoos to celebrate your London memories, take a look at these cool Big Ben tattoos...
Victorian London by Caleb Slabzz Graham.
Creative tattoo by Elisa Devihate.
Nice piece by Enzo Barbareschi.
Trad is rad by Giuseppe Presta.
Another cool one by Giuseppe Presta.
Gorgeous black and grey detail by Ian Loughlin!
Great piece by Miguel Bohigues.
Badass London sleeve by Miguel Angel Espinosa!
Awesome hand tattoo by Nic Westfall...
This famous half sleeve by Pavel Roch...
The wolves of London by Piotr Deadi Dedel!
London's burning! By Russ Abbott.
Gorgeous piece by Silvano Fiato.
Lovely thigh piece by Tania Catclaw.
Great tattoo by Valerie Vargas.
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