16 Badass Bio Organic Tattoos

16 Badass Bio Organic Tattoos

All tattoo lovers are familiar with the biomechanical style. Pull the mechanical out of it, and you have got bio organic tattoos.
The two styles are often combined. The science-fiction or steampunk elements are often mixed with exaggerated anatomical and natural fantasy for badass and bold pieces. Usually, the bio organic tattoos are fully covering big parts of the body, from sleeves and leg pieces to full bodysuits. It even invades the head and face... Bio organic aesthetic is inspired by Nature but also horror, and often composed of a contrast between light and darkness. The cartilaginous volutes and tips in the foreground are usually hiding intricate compositions.
The inspiration of the artists is coming from the human body, with gore details, but also from monstruous animals and aggressive plants. But, indeed, that doesn't mean beauty and spirituality are excluded. Some tattoo artists have developped their style in such a vibrant and impressive way they are now recognized as real masters. It is the case of Guy Aitchinson and Nick Baxter. If you are looking for ambitious and badass designs that wow, then you might be amazed by these impressive bio organic tattoos...
Outstanding work by Vova Mult!!!
Rad sleeve by Paco Dietz...
Epic sidepiece by Oleg Rublyov...
One of the masters of bio organic tattoos, Nick Baxter.
Getting bio organic tattoos on head and face is really bold! By Manuel Mathow.
By Lee Reynolds.
In black and grey by Klaim.
By Kirill Putyatin.
By Jon G.
Indeed, the ultimate bio organic tattoo artist is Guy Aitchison...
Also by Guy Aitchison.
By El Tattoo.
Collaboration leg sleeve by DonMcDonald and Guy Aitchison.
Chestpiece by Corey Divine.
Please credit.
Badass tattoo on a bold girl by Benedek György!
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