16 Badass Gaming Inspired Tattoos

16 Badass Gaming Inspired Tattoos

Everyday, we are amazed to discover more and more fantastic gaming inspired tattoos.
The dedication and creativity of gamers is impressive, and it often leads to new tattoo masterpieces. Few other obsessions are covering the internet and the bodies with just as much amazing ink as the gaming tattoos. Thousands of gamers in the world are proud to sport tattoos related to their favorite heroes and games, such as The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Pokemon, as well as other popular video games. Some of them even ink their favorite gamepad! Geeks are crazy and that's why we like them! If you are feeling nerdy too and want to admire badass gaming inspired tattoos, or even find inspiration for your own gamer's ink, then, you definitely need to check this collection of great tattoos inspired by video games... Do you see some of your favorites here?
Enticing tattoo inspired by Arcade Miss Fortune by Kevin D...
Ouch! Some Angry Birds brawl by Luca Natalini.
Looks like Luca Natalini enjoys doing gaming inspired tattoos... Here Shiva from Final Fantasy.
Epic Bioshock sleeve by Matt Brumelow!
Fantastic Dead Space piece by Matt Difa!
Realistic tattoo of Faraam Knight from Dark Souls II by Miguel Bohigues.
Badass World of Warcraft half sleeve by our friend Oscar Akermo!
Rad Sabrewulf from Killer Instinct by Paul Acker...
Another Bioshock piece, this time by Paul Marino.
Street Fighters piece by Pontus.
Rikku from Final Fantasy by Roman Kuznetsov.
Fun Minecraft tattoo by Shawn Van Oven!
Terrific Skyrim half sleeve by Silvano Fiato!
Metal Gear Solid 2 piece by Timeless Travis.
Some cool tattoos by Uncl Paul!
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