16 Creative Pattern Tattoos

Artists and ink lovers, get some inspiration with this selection of ideas for outstanding pattern tattoos...
Patterns can be used as background for a design, more light and aesthetic than the casual colored background that can ruin a whole piece. A gorgeous pattern, used wisely to complete a composition, can add some great texture effects. You can insert patterns inside details of your designs, for example in the clothing of characters, to inject some originality or even some optical illusions of 3D effect. Patterns were already coveted in tattoo art in Asia.
Inspired by the kimonos and art, Japanese patterns are recreating elements of nature such as bamboo weaves, waves, flowers and fans. Traditional fabrics are also very good for patterns: adding kilt fabrics, lace, tapestry and Paisley designs in your tattoos will make them more original! The world is full of references, with ethnic patterns coming from Africa, Arabian art, South America, Native America, Pacific islands, India and much more...
You can also borrow from Nature itself, with its amazing symmetry, variety and perfection: animals' fur and skin, biological and organic patterns could be very gorgeous in ink. But the rage is indeed coming from geometric patterns, as well as sacred geometry patterns such as the flower of life and Buddhists symbols. So, do you pattern your tattoos?
Indeed, honeycomb pattern is perfect as background for bee tattoos. By Tin Machado.
You can add patterns Inside your tribal tattoos to make them pop. Here a cool kilt pattern by Shane Gallagher.
Japanese patterns are really coveted. By Nissaco.
Just a touch to complete some floral design. By Mope.
Patterns often come from geometry and even sacred geometry. By Mike Amanita.
Many Japanese patterns in this epic backpiece by Mathias Klemp!
Playing with pattern in this badass backpiece by Mathias Bugo...
Patterns can also fill with life a minimalistic tattoo. By Ka Ta.
They can be used by themselves for bold tattoos. By Joseph Bryan.
Geometric patterns give optical illusion of 3D effect. By Jay Joree.
Animal patterns are still very popular. Here a cool snake skin by Ja Sloba.
Pattern hand by Wink Evans.
Many patterns in this jaw-dropping piece by Glenn Cuzen!
Delicate use of pattern by Ben Doukakis.
Rad backpiece by Anthony Ortega.
Graphic koala by Amanda Chanfreau. pattern tattoos