In a World of Patterns, Pattern Tattoos Mimic the Beauty in Nature

In a World of Patterns, Pattern Tattoos Mimic the Beauty in Nature

Taking a look at the beautiful repetition, repetition, repetition of pattern tattoos

We live in a world of patterns. From man-made to designs to nature’s inherent beauty, patterns can be found all around us. This has led to some really kickass pattern tattoos, which we’ll get to in a second. But first, let’s try to understand what exactly a pattern is.

According to Wikipedia, a pattern “is a discernible regularity in the world or in a manmade design. As such, the elements of a pattern repeat in a predictable manner.” If you want a great example of “discernible regularity,” just read a handful of articles I’ve written for Tattoodo.

Jokes aside, there are many different types of geometric patterns out there. One of the most common patterns found in nature is symmetry. Symmetry is when something is the same on one side as the other. Symmetry is important for the movement of many living things, but the most visually striking naturally occurring pattern based in symmetry has got to be snowflakes. These drops of precipitation are unique because they have sixfold symmetry, which is a rare occurrence in the natural world.

Another major natural pattern is that of the spiral. Spiral patterns can be observed in the shapes of animals such as mollusks and in plants such as pineapples and sunflowers.

There are seemingly endless categories of patterns. A few other quick examples include waves and dunes, each with a series of inherent ripples. Bubbles and foam also form patterns because they follow Plateau’s laws, which dictate the manner in which they form patterns. Cracks in rock, mud, and tree bark are another great natural pattern. And definitely don't even get us started on fractal patterns.

But let’s talk about the patterns you guys really care about – those found in pattern tattoos. We’ve gathered up a great handful of pattern tattoos that illustrate just how freaking awesome patterns are.

Indeed, honeycomb pattern is perfect as background for bee tattoos. By Tin Machado. #tinmachado #patterns #pattern #patterntattoo #patterntattoos
Patterns often come from geometry and even sacred geometry. By Mike Amanita. #mikeamita #patterns #pattern #patterntattoo #patterntattoos
Playing with pattern in this badass backpiece by Mathias Bugo... #mathiasbugo #patterns #pattern #patterntattoo #patterntattoos
They can be used by themselves for bold tattoos. By Joseph Bryan. #josephbryan #patterns #pattern #patterntattoo #patterntattoos
Geometric patterns give optical illusion of 3D effect. By Jay Joree. #jayjoree #patterns #pattern #patterntattoo #patterntattoos
Animal patterns are still very popular. Here a cool snake skin by Ja Sloba. #jasloba #patterns #pattern #patterntattoo #patterntattoos #snake #snakeskin
Many patterns in this jaw-dropping piece by Glenn Cuzen! #glenncuzen #patterns #pattern #patterntattoo #patterntattoos
Graphic koala by Amanda Chanfreau. pattern tattoos #amandachanfreau #patterns #pattern #patterntattoo #patterntattoos

These pattern tattoos are a great reminder that we live in a world of beauty, whether you find it in nature or tattoo ink.

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