Transform Your Skin with a Butterfly Tattoo

Transform Your Skin with a Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are still all the rage, but did you know butterflies are party animals?

Much like the dragonfly, butterflies have become one of the most popular insects in the entire animal kingdom. They show up everywhere — nature photography, paintings, literature, and, of course, as butterfly tattoos. Humans love to prescribe meaning to everything, so the butterfly (and all its various species) has been given some general and specific meanings. Butterflies have come to symbolize our very souls (so fragile, why choose such a fragile creature for our souls?), and in Christianity, butterflies have become synonymous with resurrection. The butterfly transforms from a caterpillar (earthly, we suppose) to its winged final self. Transformation, metamorphosis… got it.  

But let’s talk about the actual bug. Once the butterfly has transformed into its final, flying self, it has only two goals in life: sex and booze. For real. See, the butterfly only lives for 12 months. While that’s long in bug time, it’s super short in real time, so the insect wants to live it up. Butterflies drink nectar, juices from rotting fruit, and sap — all these things have an intoxicating effect on the insect. Have you ever seen a butterfly actually fly? Those fuckers can’t even keep it together, they are all over the place.

Pretty tattoo by Andrzej Niuniek. #Butterfly #ButterflyTattoo
Great tattoo by Brian Povak. #Butterfly #ButterflyTattoo
Gorgeous butterfly tattoo by Dynoz #Butterfly #ButterflyTattoo
Badass blackwork hand by Evan at Chronic Ink! #Butterfly #ButterflyTattoo
So light so pure... By Fernando Shimizu. #Butterfly #ButterflyTattoo
Lovely piece by Jade Schiniou. #Butterfly #ButterflyTattoo
That's exquisite! By Matkolm. #Butterfly #ButterflyTattoo
Vivid piece by our own Megan Massacre! #Butterfly #ButterflyTattoo
Fantastic realism by Michael Litovkin... #Butterfly #ButterflyTattoo
Badass piece by Nick Ink! #Butterfly #ButterflyTattoo
Impressive piece by Shawn Hebrank... #Butterfly #ButterflyTattoo
Amazing work by Szymon Gdowicz aka Pain Ting! #Butterfly #ButterflyTattoo

And what do you want to do when you’re drunk? Screw, of course. In the short period of time these guys are alive, the butterflies want to get as much fucking in as possible. And they are full on — the female butterflies and the male butterflies get up in each other’s business just like humans would. And, in true animal kingdom style, the males compete for the female’s attention. So, these drunk party-goes are all fluttering around flirting and fucking.

So the next time you lay eyes on a butterfly tattoo, or decide to get one for yourself, feel inspired.

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