16 Delightful Butterfly Tattoos

There is nothing more pure, gorgeous and poetic than a butterfly, and the same applies to butterfly tattoos.
Butterflies are peaceful insects, living for the flowers and love. They are flying in gardens and in nature with grace, displaying their exquisite colors and delicate wings. They are so delicate and precious one touch can kill them. It is something impressive to capture one in your hand and admire its tiny details. In Japan, it is a symbol of feminity and grace. Two butterflies are a symbol of love. The seduction's ceremony of these insects is very complex and gorgeous. With their transformation, from the bizarre caterpillar to the light butterfly and the sweet cocoon, they have fascinated humans. They saw a symbol of resurrection and eternal youth in this miracle of Nature. They have also inspired the legends of fairies.
Night butterflies and moths have a little more dark reputation, and can be seen as ghosts just like in Ancient Greece. But all kind of butterflies have inspired artists, and now ink lovers and their tattooists. Butterfly tattoos are all very gorgeous and poetic, and their harmonious design fits many types of tattoos. If you want to float like a butterfly, then admire these superb butterfly tattoos..
Pretty tattoo by Andrzej Niuniek.
Great tattoo by Brian Povak.
Creative piece by Dmitry Varkalov.
Gorgeous tattoo by Dynoz!
Badass blackwork hand by Evan at Chronic Ink!
So light so pure... By Fernando Shimizu.
Lovely piece by Jade Schiniou.
That's exquisite! By Matkolm.
Vivid piece by our own Megan Massacre!
Fantastic realism by Michael Litovkin...
Promising backpiece by Moses Veliz.
Badass piece by Nick Ink!
Poetic tattoo by Oozfest.
Graphic touch by Schwine Tattoos.
Impressive piece by Shawn Hebrank...
Amazing work by Szymon Gdowicz aka Pain Ting!