16 Intense Good And Bad Weather Tattoos

16 Intense Good And Bad Weather Tattoos

We all watch the weather forecast each day to see if we could show our tattoos in the sun, or hide them from the cold...
But some people are so fascinated by the meteorological phenomenons they get weather tattoos! The perfection is indeed the blue sky, with sunshine and warmth. Tattoo lovers want to keep a bit of the good times on their skin and see life from the bright side forever with good weather tattoos... But some people are more intense, and their interest for the elements gives birth to badass tattoos! Violent thunderstorms, impressive tornados: they are invading skins without causing damages. For the ones who like singing in the rain, there are also the poetic stormy weather tattoos, with smooth rain drops and elegant umbrellas. These people are taking life with philosophy, enjoying each moment, if the weather conditions are not ideal... And you, in which direction is your ink weathervane? Good weather or bad weather? Maybe these poetic and intense weather tattoos could inspire you...
Fantastic tornado in a jar by Andres Acosta!
Another lovely weather jar by Andric Matocanovic.
Do you like walking under the rain? By Anki Michler.
The sky is always blue on this sleeve by David Allen...
Epic thunderstorm by Dylan Weber!
Snowing under your skin, by Elliot Masker.
Impressive lightning bolts by Evgeniy Matsapura...
Cool little tattoo by Faustink...
When weather tattoos meet ripped skin tattoos... by Leandro Kubiak.
It's raining! Cute tattoo by Lynn Hessel.
The sun is never far away when it rains... By Maik Sante.
Awesome tornado tattoo by Marla Moon!!!
God of thunder by Matthew James.
Split rainbow tattoo on feet... Triple win! By Mia Misshake.
Badass thunderstorm tattoo by Paolo Murtas...
Impressive piece by Yorick Fauquant...
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