16 Mind-Blowing Stonework Tattoos

16 Mind-Blowing Stonework Tattoos

If our bodies are temples, why not sculpting the walls with fabulous and badass stonework tattoos??
For centuries, artists have carved stone to create beautiful work of art. They sculpted the prehistoric caves with bas-reliefs, decorated palaces, temples and the tombs of kings during the Antiquity and turned the architecture of the cathedrals into intricate stone lace...
Before the invention of paper, humans were writing messages in stone to pass down their knowledge, traditions and culture. Stonework tattoos are inspired by this artistic tradition. They keep the solid and powerful aspect of carved stone. The use of 3D effect gives stonework tattoos a bold and eye-catching look, ready to amaze tattoo lovers. Our skins are less strong than stone, but we can give them its appearance.
Epic backpiece by Vova Mult!!!
Terrific scalp tattoo by Travis Greenough!!!
For the Spartan inside of you? By Torsten Matthes.
Awesome sleeve tattoo
Sculpture back tattoo
Beautiful stonework tattoo
Awesome sign stonework tattoo
Delicate work by Shaun Carroll.
Pavel Angel is indeed the specialist of stonework tattoos that look like 3D carved stones.
Gorgeous back tattoo by Pavel Angel too.
By Pavel Angel.
Pavel Angel again.
Indeed this tattoo was made with a tattoo machine... By Joaquim José Maio Cruz.
By Erdogan Cavdar.
Upgrade by Chris Govier.
Soldier's tattoo by Andy Hyland.
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