18 Badass And Adorable Bat Tattoos

18 Badass And Adorable Bat Tattoos

If we talk a lot about Batman tattoos, we also need to highlight bat tattoos.
These flying mammals have fascinated humans for centuries, associating them with magic, horror culture and gothic art. Their activity is only visible at night, flying silently in the moonlight to hunt their meal. Very social, they gather in huge colonies, in dark places such as caves and when frightened, they burst in massive flight with piercing screams... A classic scene in a suspense or horror movie, isn't it? That's why so many people are scared of them. They can't help associating them with vampires. But in reality, bats are really peaceful and sweet animals. Their little mouse head is really cute, and their wings are so badass! Bat tattoos are reflecting these two aspects. Bat silhouettes are making great small tattoos, either gothic or poetic. But animal lovers also enjoy playing with their odd appearances for mystic, cartoonish or tender tattoos. If you think this small animal deserves more love, then you should show it with awesome bat tattoos. You can enjoy their mysterious look or go for the cuteness overload! Here is some inspiration if you are bats for bat tattoos!
Cool neo traditional bat by Agata Wesołowska.
Traditional bat face by Alex Sabur.
Nice composition with the realistic bat and red ink mandala by Brock Chevrier.
Badass piece by Genko!
Cutie by Gino Genoski Gaspara...
Gorgeous bat tattoo by Jacob Wiman!
Bat tattoos are making popular neckpieces. By James TattooArt.
If you are afraid of bats, this 3D tattoo by Jesse Rix will rack your nerves!
Lovely new school bat by Kelly Doty...
Creative touch by Magdalena Bujak.
Fine linework by Matt Buck.
3 bats on and behind the ear by Oliver Whiting: cool idea!
Fun Japanese traditional bat by Pär Norde!
Awesome engraving style sleeve by Pony Reinhardt!
Lovely little tattoo by Sol...
Badass tattoo by Sven Rayen!
Funny bats by Thomas Lowe.
Start of a badass neck tattoo by Victor Chil!
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