18 Dark And Mysterious Gas Mask Tattoos

18 Dark And Mysterious Gas Mask Tattoos

Gas masks came to use during chemical warfare in World War I and the gas attacks that became a common occurrence on the western front.
As creepy as gas masks may look they are a vital and lifesaving piece of equipment, protecting the wearer from deadly and harmful substances in the air. Gas masks are often associated with the threat of both chemical and biological warfare, the destruction of the environment and the extreme lengths humanity will go to when waging war!
Today the gas mask has taken on new symbolism and has been adopted by a number of different subcultures, from steampunk to goth. Gas masks have also found a place in the post-apocalyptic sci-fi genre where they symbolize the end of the world and the wastelands that will be left behind, in such a context they have featured in a variety of films and the Fallout game series. Gas masks tattoos then can mean a variety of different things, they can be images of warfare, destruction and death but also a sign of a hypothetical post-apocalyptic future, one things for sure, they are both dark and mysterious but at the same time hauntingly poignant.
Abstract gas mask by Adam Kremer
Gas mask tattoo
Bold work on this piece, unknown artist
Awesome work by Underworld Tattoo Supplies
Gas Mask Soldier Tattoo by Mito Tattoo
Hand gas mask by Mike Devries
Mother and child gas mask by Matt Driscoll
Mushroom cloud mask, artist unknown
Religious mask tattoo
Gas mask tattoo
Gas mask tattoo
Gas Mask Tattoo by Piranha Tattoo Supplies
Amazing mask and flower tattoo by AD Pancho!
Contemporary Tattoo by Left Hand Path
Abstract Tattoo by Redberry Tattoo
Wings Gas Mask Tattoo by Westfall Tattoo
Gas mask tattoo
Of course we couldn't talk about gas masks with out a little cameo of Breaking Bad and our favorite anti-hero Walter White...tattoo by Jun Cha