18 Gorgeous Wing Tattoos To Make You Fly

18 Gorgeous Wing Tattoos To Make You Fly

You could consider wing tattoos as has been. But how could we get tired of beautiful feathers, freedom and innocence meanings?
If you want to get wing tattoos to honor an angel in your life or to show your flight ambition, then perhaps it is time to upgrade your idea of wing tattoos. Indeed, they can be cool, gorgeous and even breath-taking. You just need to pick the right artist and to have creativity. If you are afraid to get a realistic pair of wings because you don't have enough money for a skilled artist and don't want to live with a failed tattoos, there are other options. Smaller designs with graphic effects such as watercolor, linework and dotwork can be pretty amazing too! If you don't want to get the over-popular back wings, you can also select other locations. You can put your wing tattoos in the ankles, just like in the Greek mythology and god Hermes, or in the forearms. Wings are also great for chest and underboob tattoos. If you are free like a bird, inspired like an angel and wishing to get ink, then these gorgeous wing tattoos could lend you wings!
Lovely pair of wings around an initial letter by Cammiyu.
Bio-organic wing by Daniel Claessens.
Colorful back wings by Dino Nemec!
Cool hand tattoo by Fernando Shimizu.
Delicate back wings by Graffittoo.
Many wings in one by Grimmy 3D.
Gorgeous Hermes wings by Idexa Stern!
2D wings but 3D angel... WOW! Great work by Iwan Yug!
Cool split tattoo by Kristina Elin.
Lovely watercolor wings by Koray Karagozler.
Great winged helmet by Melissa Khouri.
Amazing tattoo by Michael Storozhenko!
Wings are also making cool chest tattoos. By Nik Blackbird.
And by Nouvelle Rita.
Nice side piece
Colorful tattoo by Pain Ting.
Badass split tattoos by Vincent Hocquet!
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