18 Guiding Ships Wheel Tattoos

18 Guiding Ships Wheel Tattoos

Nautical tattoos are some of the most traditional and honestly some of the best tattoos around.
One of the most poignant nautical tattoo is the ships wheel, what could be more maritime and nautical than the wheel of a ship! The wheel of a ship is perhaps one of the most important and essential parts of any mighty sea vessel. After all it's what guides it and keeps it on course. Ships wheel tattoos thereafter symbolize guidance and freedom, they keep you on course but lead you to new places and experiences.
Tattoos are prominently used as means of overcoming a difficult time and moving forward. A ships wheel tattoo is almost the perfect tattoo for such an occasion, it can symbolize your new direction in life and fresh sense of freedom. Ships wheel tattoos embrace that adventure of the seven seas and mark your longing for new experiences, they also look pretty damn cool!
Amazing rose and ships wheel by Andres Palmiter
Old school nautical piece, Artist unknown
Awesome thigh tattoos, artist unknown
Foot tattoo by Pino Bros Ink
Colorful ships ink tattoo
Great tattoo by Dan Santoro
Fantasy Wheel Tattoo by Hellyeah Tattoos
Beautifully done ships wheel tattoo
Bold old school work by Jim Sylvia
Beautiful tattoo by Matteo Pasqualin
New school piece by FreiHand Tattoo
Nick The Tailor Tattoo did this awesome ships wheel and lantern
Ships wheel tattoo
Sieze the day, artist unknown
Bold black and grey by LTW Tattoo
Ships wheel tattoo
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