18 Illuminating Lantern Tattoos

18 Illuminating Lantern Tattoos

Classic, timeless and slightly unique a lantern tattoo would not disappoint!
A vessel for light and finding ones way through darkness the tattoo symbolism of a lantern is almost identical to its purpose in general. Lanterns are guides, they illuminate your path so you know where to go and do not fall into harm’s way. Once upon a time the lantern was a staple item in any home and if you were to walk in the dark a lantern would be by your side, of course with the rise of the lightbulb lanterns became rather redundant and today they are more an item of nostalgia.
Lantern tattoos most frequently represent a light within, illumination, a guiding presence, a motivation to find your place in the world and the physical representation of knowledge and enlightenment. Simply if you’re looking for a nostalgic, illuminating and meaningful tattoo then a lantern is a solid option.
Moth lantern by Ink and Dagger Tattoo
Awesome black and grey piece by Pari Corbitt
Colorful tattoo by Todo
New school piece by Jerry Cross
Old school back tattoo by Jim Sylvia
Great work by Jonathan Montalvo
Another great tattoo by Jonathan Montalvo
By Jim Sylvia
Tattoo by Kyle Crowell
Old school tattoo by Kyle Giffens Tattoos
Myke Chambers did this awesome traditional tattoo
Old school lantern, artist unknown
Tattoo by the great Oliver Peck
by Seth Wood Tattoo
Black and Grey Tattoo by Alans Tattoo Studio
Awesome chest piece by Anthony Tattoo
Bold work by Teresa Sharpe
Lantern Tattoo
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