18 Impressive Classic Statue Tattoos

18 Impressive Classic Statue Tattoos

If you are looking for badass fine art tattoos, you need to consider classic statue tattoos.
Coveted by fans of black and grey tattoos, especially of the chicano style, statue tattoos are recreating the powerful aspect of stone. Classic statues are often tribute to mythology gods or heroes, such as Venus, Poseidon and Heracles. Female statues have really pure faces and elegant drapery. But male statues are the epitome of manliness with huge beards and muscular bodies, teaming monsters or elements. Classic statue tattoos are also inspired by sacred art and famous religious masterpieces such as the art of Michelangelo as well as churches and cemeteries art. With their strong shadows, they create epic designs that are perfectly aging. Many tattoo artists have earned celebrity and respect with statue tattoos, including black and grey master's Jun Cha and Antonio Macko Todisco. If you are looking for bold, eye-catching ink, solid as stone, then you could enjoy these breath-taking classic statue tattoos.
Badass angel backpiece by Den Yakovlev!
Traditional version by Denis Marakhin.
Looks like carved on his body... Cool work by Dmitriy Samohin.
Detail by Eric Marcinizyn.
Poseidon statue by Greg Sumii.
Famous statue Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss by statue tattoos master Jun Cha!
Another artist specialized in statue tattoos: Lilb.
Another piece by Lilb Tattoo.
Jaw-dropping chestpiece by Lilb too!
One of the most famous statue tattoos in the world, this amazing piece by Antonio Macko Todisco!
Gorgeous piece mixing old and modern: by Mashkov inspired by Pichi and Avo, two street artists using classic art's references.
Fantastic detail by black and grey master Niki Norberg...
Another gorgeous one by Niki Norberg...
Great pair by Robin Hernandez.
Awesome piece by Stefano Alcantara inspired by a statue of Bernini.
Badass and jaw-dropping bodysuit by Steve Butcher!!!
Lovely little tattoo by Tanya De Souza-Meally.
Creative piece by Thomas Carli Jarlier.
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