18 Oddly Pleasing Animal Skull Tattoos

18 Oddly Pleasing Animal Skull Tattoos

Skulls are a prevalent image in tattooing and are the symbol of both life and death, an image of the end, but what about animal skulls?
Animal skull tattoos are not as popular as their traditional human counterparts but offer a more creative alternative for those looking away from the traditional skull design. Animals in tattooing are a very popular choice, each animal having a different meaning to the next, animal skull tattoos are no different but often associated with life, death and rebirth and occasionally the change from a physical state of being to a spiritual state...then again all tattoos have their own unique meaning to the wearer and could mean something completely different to whom ever the tattoo belongs to!
Traditionally animal skull tattoos have been quite a male design and tattoo choice, the ram being a very common option. However more recently women have taken on the animal skull and they rock it just as good as any man!! ...In the market for a skull tattoo but thinking of something a little different then why not checkout these awesome and oddly pleasing animal skull tattoos, they look great on men and women!!
animal skull
Awesome work by Cole Pittman
A bold tattoo by Rogue Leader Tattoo
animal skull
Amazing tattoo by Daniel Meyer
Women rock the animal skull tattoo as good as any man...if not a little better
Brilliant black and grey work by Ien Levin
Colorful work by Matt Truiano
Fantastic tattoo by Maximilian Rothert
New School Skull Flower Tattoo by Third Eye Tattoo
Skull Bird Tattoo by Evil From The Needle
animal skull with details
Badass Skull Tattoo by Davidov Andrew
Tattoo by Supakitch
Awesome Tattoo by Nikita Zarubin
Ram skull and vampire by Mitch Allenden
Tattoo by Evil From The Needle
Incredible neck tattoo by Davidov Andrew
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