18 Roaring Train Tattoos

18 Roaring Train Tattoos

The train paved the way for a modern and connected world. Before planes and cars, the best long distance way of travel was the train.
It connected one side of America to the next and everywhere in between, the modern world was built on the back of improved communications and improved communications came on the back of a train. Locomotives are one of the most important inventions in human history and remain an essential part of any successful infrastructure.
Now there are those who love trains more than most, they spend their weekends travelling station to station noting what trains they see and where they have come from, but there now exists a new breed of train fanatics who show their love of the locomotive that won the west in ink! Train tattoos are a unique and expressive tattoo that can mean anything and everything, they can symbolize a friend or loved one who had a passion for trains or they could just show that this guy likes a good old locomotive. Whatever the reason behind the tattoo train tattoos are an inventive choice and a great way to set yourself apart but the question is, which style of train tattoo will you get, new school, old school, realistic??
Awesome train side piece, artist unknown
Chad Miskimon created this brilliant Steam Train hand tattoo
Fantasy Landscape Train Tattoo by Ink and Dagger Tattoo
Traditional style train by Matt Houston
New School Train Tattoo by Vienna Electric Tattoo
Old School Train Tattoo by Chad Koeplinger
Train Tattoo by Jim Sylvia
Black and grey train tattoo
Fantastic Train Tattoo by Inkaholik Tattoos
Bold work by the great Samuele Briganti
Steam train, unknown artist
Bold Tattoo by Bonic Cadaver
Realistic Tattoo by Immortal Ink
Traditional train, artist unknown
Train Tattoo by Sebastian at Baltic Tattoo
Train tattoo
Old School Train Tattoo by Inkrat Tattoo
Train tattoo
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