18 Royal Cleopatra Tattoos

18 Royal Cleopatra Tattoos

Contrary to what most people think, Cleopatra is not only one queen of Ancient Egypt. She is also a great inspiration for portrait tattoos.
Cleopatra was a name given to many queens and princesses in Antiquity, in Egypt but also in Greece and Ancient Israel. It was more a status than a first name. The most famous of these women is indeed Cleopatra VII, a female pharaoh and lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Her life has inspired many fictions, in literature but also cinema. For many, Cleopatra is associated with the face of Elizabeth Taylor, main actress of the 1963's movie of Joseph L. Mankiewicz. For tattoo lovers, Ancient Egypt is a great source of inspiration, and indeed the strong personality of the queen is inspiring tattoo lovers. Cleopatra tattoos are very luxurious, with bold jewels and impressive headpieces. Her mysterious and powerful beauty is celebrated in many styles, from old school to graphic tattoos. But all of them are showing a sensual and independant woman. Cleopatra VII had an epic life and an epic death, she is of course making epic tattoos! If you are fascinated by Ancient Egypt and are feeling like a queen, feel the royal vibe with these gorgeous Cleopatra tattoos.
Gorgeous WIP by Zoe Keevil...
Fine tattoo by William Jones.
The sketch style of Victor Montaghini.
Cleopatra tattoos
Amazing sidepiece by Tony Mancia!
Great leg tattoo by Sami Grace.
By Russ Abbott.
By Ron Henry Wells.
Cool tattoo by Randy Engelhard.
Gorgeous piece by Moni Marino.
By Miss Arianna.
Epic portrait by Matteo Pasqualin!
By Marta Messina.
Collaboration piece by Jesse Singleton and Susanna Wildmann.
By Javier Antunez.
Awesome traditional piece by Dennis Gutierrez.
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