18 Uncompromising Old School Tattoos For Your Hand!

18 Uncompromising Old School Tattoos For Your Hand!

Getting your hands tattooed is something you should think about very carefully!
When you get your hands tattooed your kind of taking your life into...well...your own hands, but you're taking it in a very physical way; lets be honest, getting your hands tattooed is one hell of a statement!! They're the things you use the most and one of the first things people see, after all they are rarely fully covered.  People will probably be quick to judge you because of it but then again you'd be the one with awesome hand tattoos so screw them.
One of the hardest parts about getting your hands tattooed is choosing the right design, its got to be one you won't get bored of seeing and one that will leave others impressed, so why not take it back to traditional tattooing and get some old school hand ink! Old school tattoos are bright, bold and intense so fit the requirements of a hand tattoo perfectly...
Why use the handle when you can just kick the door open, hand tattoos are a statement and are meant to leave people a little speechless, they are there to proudly show your love of tattoos in the loudest way possible!
Awesome hand tattoo
Old school flower and woman by Sarah Carter
The All Seeing Eye by Bang Bang NYC
Beautiful hand tattoo design
Great hand tattoo, lettering finger tattoo
King and Queen Tattoo by High Street Tattoo
Old school finger tattoos by Eva Huber
Old school sailor swallow, artist unknown
Puma hand tattoo
Skull Snake Tattoo by Last Port
Old school ship, artist unknown
Panther Tattoo by Tattoo Loyalty
Swallow Tattoo by Jim Sylvia
Tattoo Machine Skull Tattoo by Marked For Life
Tiger Panther Tattoo by Mike Chambers
Traditional finger tattoos, artist unknown
Wolf Tattoo by Mike Stocklings
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