20 Bewildering Illuminati Inspired Tattoos

20 Bewildering Illuminati Inspired Tattoos

Have the Illuminati extended their influence into body art? Is it just a symbolic tattoo?
There exists in most, if not all, an innate sense for knowledge of all things mysterious and secretive. If something is unknown the human mind immediately wants to know why and yearns for more information! Secrets offer the greatest stories and mysteries the most interesting events, and what is more mysterious and secretive than the notorious underground society of the Illuminati!
Masonic inspired tattoo by Alex Tabuns
The name Illuminati ("enlightened" in Latin), is a name applied to a number of real and fictitious secret groups, societies and organizations shrouded in mystery. Historically the name refers to the Bavarian Illuminati, founded May 1 1776, a secret society fueled by the Enlightenment. Dedicated to the pursuits of opposing superstition, religious influence, and abuses of power the society was also driven by scientific and reason based beliefs. The Bavarian Illuminati was eventually outlawed by the rulers of the day but connotations of the name continued. More recently the term Illuminati refers to a number of groups and organisations that claim links to the original Bavarian society among other Masonic ties. In recent years the internet has fueled rumors and urban legends of the Illuminati being a secret organisation that rules the world from the shadows!! Controlling governments and holding influence in every major nation.
Now the question still remains, what does the Illuminati have to do with tattooing?... Well, an image frequently associated with the Illuminati is the All Seeing Eye or Eye of Providence, an image of an eye surrounded by beams of light and held within a triangle. The eye is often seen as the eye of God overseeing the world, but in more modern times the image has been associated with the Illuminati and their eyes watching over the world they secretly rule, and of course such an image has become a very popular tattoo!!!
Eerie tattoo by Valentine
Illuminati inspired tattoo
Daniel Meyer's amazing work!
Bold tattoo by Greg Scott
Eye God Tattoo by Tattooed Theory
Daniel Meyer masonic eye
Eye God Tattoo by Matt Hunt
artist unknown
Illuminati eye tattoo and skull by Bez Triplesix
Tattoo by Daniel-Meyer
Awesome illuminati inspired tattoo
Beautiful piece!
New School Tattoo by Dagger & Lark Tattoo
Awesome tattoo, artist unknown
Triangle God Eye Tattoo by Antony Tattoo
Old School Owl Eye Tattoo by Marked For Life
Tattoo by Sierra Granger
Illuminati inspired tattoo, unknown artist