20 Dashing Gentlemen Tattoos To Make You Swoon!

20 Dashing Gentlemen Tattoos To Make You Swoon!

A gentlemen tattoo is a composition of your typical gentleman portrait and all the greatness that goes with it!
A gentleman is regarded as any man of good, courteous conduct, a man who is highly morale and impeccably dressed, they are also usually accompanied by the mightiest of mustaches. When you think of a gentleman the image that most commonly comes to mind is that of the Victorian and Edwardian Gentleman. A sharp suit, fine facial hair, even finer attire and of course a pair of eyes more piercing than any other. Quite simply when it comes to the gentleman there are two truths, 1. women want him, 2. men want to be him!
The look and style of the gentleman is in reality a rather popular look in modern fashion, the hair, the style, the manner, it is all rather attractive, and likewise are gentleman tattoos! Gentleman tattoos are a bold and elegant tattoo that is at the same time kind of bad ass! They just look cool, so grab yourself a nice tea, slip on your finest evening gown, take of your monocle and enjoy these dashing gentleman tattoos!
Artist unknown
Tattoo By Sandra-O
Fantasy Men Tattoo by Renaissance Tattoo
Guillotine Man Tattoo by Mikael de Poissy
Gentleman hand tattoo, artist unknown
Gentleman by Idle Hand Tattoo
Gentleman leg piece, artist unknown
Men Flower Tattoo by Third Eye Tattoo
Gentlemen Tattoo
Men Old School Anchor Tattoo by Baraka Tattoo
Tattoo by Miss Arriana
New School Men Hat Tattoo by Third Eye Tattoo
Tattoo by Nick Whybrow
Old School Men Tattoo by La Dolores Tattoo
Abstract gentleman by Paulie Surridge
Gentleman pipe by Rachel Baldwin
Great tattoo by Rose Hardy
Tipping hat, artist unknown
by Tipping Tattoo
Great piece, Unknown Artist
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