21 Resolute Pharaohs Horses Tattoos

21 Resolute Pharaohs Horses Tattoos

There are certain images and designs that have been a part of tattooing since its western beginnings: the skull, the panther, tigers etc.
But you also have the pharaohs horses. Pharaohs horses tattoos were at their peak from the turn of the twentieth century to the late 1950s but have since decreased in popularity, though all that really means is less people have them so you getting one would actually be a good idea, it would probably be a while before you ran into someone with the same image!
For over a century the pharaohs horses tattoo has stayed true to the same iconic image of three wild horses, usually surrounded by a decorative frame. This design in particular was popularized by the tattoo pioneer Gus Wagner in the early twentieth century and it has stuck! Pharaohs horses symbolize the struggle and triumph of the human spirit over difficulties and the longing for freedom we all hold and desire. What could be more free than a group of wild horses?? Nothing really, so if you're looking for a tattoo to show your freedom and the spiritual power within why not take the pharaohs horses and get a kickass chest piece!!
Amazing back piece by Steve Byrne
Incredible tattoo, artist unknown
Great piece by Dan Pemble
Awesome dotwork tattoo by Mike Admas
Old school tattoo by Benjamin Hart
Bold little hand tattoo, artist unknown
Beautiful black and grey back piece by Joel Madberg
Great tattoo by Last Sparrow Tattoo
Bold work by Marius Meyer
Amazing back piece by Stewart Robson
Amazing work by Dan Pemble...it's not even complete and looks great!!
Finished product by Dan Pemble
Dotwork by Idle Hand Tattoo
Horse tattoo
Tattoo by Rob Mopar
Colorful piece by Les Collier
Great chest piece by Last Sparrow Tattoo
Stomach tattoo by Last Sparrow Tattoo
Tattoo by Black 13 Tattoo
Horse tattoos
Neck Tattoo by Philip Yarnell
Awesome Star Wars twist on the pharaohs horses!!, artist unknown
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